Actual Volume 4 News

So, if you haven’t seen the announcement on Facebook or Tumblr yet, I’ve finally finished the rough draft of Volume 4! I cannot overstate my appreciation for everyone who still cares. The last five years have been pretty rough for me. To everyone who’s posted comments and sent messages reminding me how much you love Thalia’s Musings and how much you’re looking forward to Volume 4, thank you so much for giving the encouragement I needed to finish this project.

Now, the draft I have right now is a very rough one. It needs a good rewrite before I can even show it to my beta readers, and then it’ll need another rewrite with their notes. So I can’t give you an exact timeline just yet, especially since I’m back in school. But I do feel comfortable saying it will be posted in 2020. I’ll keep y’all updated on a release timeline, title reveal, cover reveal, and all that good stuff.

Thank you so much for sticking around. I hope I’ll make it worth your while.

New book news!

Boy, am I on top of things this year. I made an announcement to my Facebook page on New Year’s Eve, posted it to Twitter on New Year’s Day, and just now remembered I haven’t blogged about it. So here it is:

There is a decent chance 2018 will see Thalia’s Musings 4.

Because I finished one of the other books I’ve been working on.

Well, finished the rough draft. Still have to finish the rewrite, send it to beta readers, do the next rewrite, all that stuff. But I finished the rough draft! And I’ll be seeking representation for it in the next few months! It’s a young adult classic fantasy with a diverse female-led cast.

Looking forward to sharing more updates about the new book and Thalia’s Musings in the new year!


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Amethyst’s Musings: Wrapping Things Up

Now that Snarled Threads is concluded, here’s what’s next for Thalia’s Musings.

  • A new look! Like the new cover art? Yes, Thalia’s Musings has a logo now. 😀 The cover for A Snag in the Tapestry will be based on the same design.
  • Cover for A Snag in the Tapestry, you say? Yes! I can’t promise a release date today (watch my blog for that), but A Snag in the Tapestry will be released as an ebook on and during the 2012 holiday season.
  • Wait, what blog? Yeah, I have a blog. I know, I’ve done absolutely nothing with it since I staked my claim on the address “” this summer. That’s going to change now. You know how you have to click through all the “Amethyst’s Musings” posts between Volume 1, the bonus chapters, and Volume 2? Annoying, right? Well, no more. This is the last such post I will make on this website. From here out, only Thalia’s Musings story content goes here. If you want to read updates about book releases, Volume 3 progress, and any of my other projects, please subscribe to my blog. And, of course, there’s Facebook and Twitter.
  • Volume 3??? There will most definitely be a Volume 3, and a Volume 4. I have the rest of the series roughly outlined, and it looks like it’ll take two more novels to finish it. Possibly more; certainly not less. Volume 3 will likely be released fall 2013. There may or may not be more stand-alone bonus chapters between volumes.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the response to this volume. I love the thoughtful, engaging, and enthusiastic feedback I’ve been getting from you guys. And since this volume got into some sensitive subject matter, I really appreciate the fact that the comments have remained sensitive and respectful. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the first time you post a comment, it’s submitted for moderation. So far I haven’t had to edit or delete a single word. My readers are awesome!

Until Volume 3,


Amethyst’s Musings: Brace Yourself…Volume 2 Is Coming

Hi, people who still check this blog! I’m still alive and still working on this series. Here’s what you can expect over the summer:

  • Snarled Threads, the second volume of Thalia’s Musings, is coming to this site by the end of July. Hopefully closer to the middle of July.
  • I now have an author blog. It has the very original title of Amethyst Marie. My “Amethyst’s Musings” posts will go there from now on. I might also blog there about random things unrelated to Thalia’s Musings. We’ll see.
  • A Snag in the Tapestry, the three prequel stories, and Snarled Threads are coming to Kindle and Nook. I’d like to say A Snag in the Tapestry will be available by the end of August. I’d also like to say I’m not a total n00b at ebook formatting. I can definitely say these ebooks will be available by the end of 2012.
  • Watch the Characters page for updates between now and the premier of Snarled Threads. I’ve already added an entry for Adonis. Have you seen it?
  • Watch the Table of Contents for new chapter titles.

That’s all for now. Watch for more updates in the coming weeks and for the first chapters of Volume 2!

– Amethyst