Actual Volume 4 News

So, if you haven’t seen the announcement on Facebook or Tumblr yet, I’ve finally finished the rough draft of Volume 4! I cannot overstate my appreciation for everyone who still cares. The last five years have been pretty rough for me. To everyone who’s posted comments and sent messages reminding me how much you love Thalia’s Musings and how much you’re looking forward to Volume 4, thank you so much for giving the encouragement I needed to finish this project.

Now, the draft I have right now is a very rough one. It needs a good rewrite before I can even show it to my beta readers, and then it’ll need another rewrite with their notes. So I can’t give you an exact timeline just yet, especially since I’m back in school. But I do feel comfortable saying it will be posted in 2020. I’ll keep y’all updated on a release timeline, title reveal, cover reveal, and all that good stuff.

Thank you so much for sticking around. I hope I’ll make it worth your while.


10 thoughts on “Actual Volume 4 News

  1. i’m so excited!! they deserve a happy ending after everything they’ve been through and i can’t wait to see how you’ll give it to them. i guess i have to do my second re-read of the year…its definitely going to get even better this time around haha

  2. Yes yes yes yes yes! ^^ My exitement is immeasurable! Until they make a machine that measures it I guess. But it’s pretty big, the biggest I’ve ever felt for sure!

    Don’t feel bad about taking your time. I would wait ten years for this story if nescessary. And then another ten after that. Great things are worth waiting for.

  3. I’ve found myself wandering back to this story whenever I am in need of comfort reading, and it’s always worked so far. I am very happy to hear that the conclusion is in the works 🙂

    Thank you for work, it has been a pleasure to read every time!

  4. I’m here in 2021 to say that your writing is delightful, and we’d all love to see more of it at whatever speed works for you. Your mental health is important, especially these days.

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