Table of Contents



1.1 Playwright Laureate

1.2 Echoing Memories

1.3 My Kingdom for a Pet

1.4 Love and War

1.5 Let the Games Begin

1.6 Tempting Fate

1.7 Please Be Seated

1.8 Heart and Soul

1.9 And They All Lived Ever After

1.10 Twisted Fates

1.11 Piper, Herdsman, Messenger, Thief

1.12 Merging Threads

1.13 The Beach, The Moonlight, and The Mourning After

1.14 Lucky Number Seven

1.15 Fateful Secrets



2.1 Solstice

2.2 Adonis Rises

2.3 Fated Memories

2.4 Hey Hey, You You, I Don’t Like Your Boyfriend

2.5 Rumor Has It

2.6 Shooting Stars

2.7 Fateful Confrontations

2.8 Hide and Seek

2.9 Dreams, Nightmares, and Awakenings

2.10 The Tenth Muse

2.11 The Virgin Huntress

2.12 Distant Thunder

2.13 Passion and Fury

2.14 Fateful Conclusions



3.1 Deep Waters

3.2 King Meets Queen

3.3 Baby’s First Words

3.4 I Wish To Go To The Festival

3.5 Shadows

3.6 Two Princes

3.7 Beroe, Warrior Princess

3.8 I’ll Make A Man Out Of You

3.9 Fate Intervenes

3.10 Distractions

3.11 Ashes To Ashes

3.12 The Brew That Is True

3.13 I Know You Know

3.14 Hidden In The Stars

3.15 Fair Maiden’s Hand

3.16 Gorgon’s Blood

3.17 Fate Awakened



The Birthday from Hades

Better to Reign in Hades

The Little Muse, or, Enchantment Under the Sea

A Cronia Carol

11 thoughts on “Table of Contents

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    • Thanks 🙂 I started the rough draft a couple weeks ago. I’m about halfway into the second chapter. To be on the safe side, I’m going to project a fall release, but maybe summer if the stars align. In the meantime, I’m posting updates and other random stuff on my blog:

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  6. Hello Amethyst! I really love this series and I just want to know if you’ll still be continuing it. If you do have more plans for the series, may I know when the 4th book is coming out? Thank you. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, there is a fourth book in the works, and it’ll conclude the series. I have it outlined and partly drafted. I can’t give a release estimate yet, but I am working on it as I’m able to.

  7. May we have any idea of when you’ll be starting on Book 4? I can hardly wait to see how you tie all this together.

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