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The Muse of Comedy. Daughter of Mnemosyne along with the other eight Muses. A general theater goddess like all her sisters. Also a pastoral goddess. As the goddess of comedic theater, by extension the self-appointed Goddess of Happy Endings. Never married; no children. Was briefly involved with Hephaestus, but no one remembers that. Lived with Triton forever ago. In an “It’s Complicated” with Apollo.


The Muse of Epic Poetry; goddess of eloquence; unofficial Lead Muse. Mother of the late demigod Orpheus with the late mortal king Oegrus, her only love. Mother of the Corybantes with Zeus, who seduced her in the guise of Apollo. The Corybantes claim Apollo and Thalia as their parents to protect Calliope from Hera’s wrath.


The Muse of History. Official Historian of the Pantheon.


The Muse of Lyric Poetry, aka the goddess of silly love songs.


The Muse of Music.


The Muse of Tragedy.


The Muse of Sacred Poetry. Writes songs to honor the other goddesses and gods.


The Muse of Dance.


The Muse of Astronomy. Goddess of astrology. She is a theater goddess like her sisters, but unlike them, she’d rather be stargazing than performing.


Son of Zeus and Leto; twin brother of Artemis, his only full sibling. God of the sun, archery, prophecy, healing, science, and the performing arts. Once the god of herding, but hated that stupid job. Divine protector of young men. Governor of the Muses. Never married, but has been around the block. Father of the demigod Asclepius with the late mortal princess Coronis. Other notable mates include Daphne, Chione, Hyacinthus, and Adonis. In an “It’s Complicated” with Thalia.


The Twelve


King of the Gods. Created by the Titans Rhea and Cronus, whose throne he took when he defeated them and bound them in Tartarus. Most powerful of all the Olympian gods with the exception of Hera. God of the sky, thunder and lighting, and law and government. Married to Hera, but tends to forget this. Father of way too many, including Apollo and Artemis with Leto. Creator of Athena.


Queen of the Gods. Created by the Titans Rhea and Cronus, whom she helped Zeus overthrow. Most powerful of the Olympian gods with the exception of Zeus. Goddess of marriage, motherhood, and prophecy. Faithfully but unhappily married to Zeus. Mother of Ares, Eris, Ilithyia, and Hebe with Zeus; sole progenitor of Hephaestus.


Created by the Titan Gaia from the life force of all the Titans, originally named Alecto. Goddess of love, beauty, and sex. Formerly married to Hephaestus, but ignored this fact as much as possible. Happily divorced. Notable lovers before and after the divorce include Ares, Hermes, Dionysus, and Adonis. Mother of many, most likely not with Hephaestus. Adopted out all of her children except Eros, whom she raised with Hephaestus at his insistence, and Beroe, whom she raised alone after Adonis’ death.


Son of Zeus and Hera. God of war. Never married. Frequently involved with Aphrodite and many, many others. Numerous children, many (possibly including Eros) with Aphrodite.


Daughter of Zeus and Leto; twin sister of Apollo. Was born first. Goddess of archery, hunting, animal protection, virgins, pregnant women, mountains, forests, wilderness, wildlife, and the moon. Divine protector of girls. Drives the moon across the night sky. Never married, no children. In a relationship with Athena.


Created by Zeus, no mother and technically no father. Goddess of wisdom, battle strategy, and crafting, particularly weaving. Never married, no children. In a relationship with Artemis.


Created by the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Goddess of the earth, the harvest, and fertility. Never married. Was involved with both Zeus and Poseidon before their respective marriages. Rumored to still be involved with Poseidon, but denies this. Sole progenitor of Persephone.


Son of Zeus and Semele. God of drinking, partying, and general excessive hedonism. Married to Beroe. Father of many, including Priapus with Aphrodite. Past and present lovers include anything that moves and probably a few things that don’t.


Son of Hera. God of fire and the forge, official Smith of the Gods, inventor of nearly all the gods’ trademark weapons, general engineer of the Pantheon. Known for walking with a limp and requiring the use of a cane. Regarded as the least physically attractive of the gods. Divorced from Aphrodite. Happily married to Aglaea. Legal father of Aphrodite’s son Eros. Father of the city of Athens. Was once involved with Thalia, but no one remembers that.


Son of Zeus and the nymph Maia. God of merchants, thieves, travelers, herding, and astrology. Once god of music, a title he traded with Apollo for god of herding. Official Messenger of the Gods. Never married. Frequent lover of Aphrodite. Steals Apollo’s girlfriends whenever he gets the chance. Father of many, including Pan with the dryad Penelope, and possibly Eros with Aphrodite.


Created by the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Goddess of the hearth and home. Never married, no children; a sworn virgin.

The Rest


Daughter of the demigod Asclepius and the goddess Epione; youngest of their nine children. Goddaughter of Thalia. Goddess of healing by birth. A physician like her parents. Made a full goddess by Hera and appointed a fellow beauty goddess by Aphrodite. Married to Hephaestus.


Daughter of Adonis and Aphrodite. Carries the memories of the dead. Married to Dionysus.


Daughter of Zeus and Hera; twin sister of Ares. Goddess of Discord. Married to Poseidon.


Son of Aphrodite. Her ex-husband Hephaestus claims Eros as his son, though the biological father is either Ares or Hermes. Eros will claim whatever parentage is convenient at the moment. God of romantic love. Eternal adolescent. Married to Psyche.


Daughter of Aglaea and Hephaestus. Aglaea’s firstborn. Goddess of mirth and merriment.


Daughter of Zeus and Hera. Goddess of Youth. Zeus’ cupbearer, whenever he hasn’t replaced her with his latest love toy.


Created by the Titans Uranus and Gaia as the original sun god and counterpart to Selene, the moon goddess. Retired when Apollo was appointed sun god. Came out of retirement when Apollo was suspended for a year and sentenced to hard labor. Retains the job of driving the sun now that Apollo is busy governing the Muses. Married to Rhoda.


Daughter of Zeus and Hera. Goddess of childbirth.


Goddess of Hidden Things. Mother of Apollo and Artemis with Zeus.


A mortal-born empath. Granted immortality and appointed Goddess of Psychology (a study she invented) by Hera. Eternal adolescent. Married to Eros.


Created by the Titans Uranus and Gaia as the original moon goddess, a counterpart to the sun god Helios. Semi-retired. Sometimes substitute drives when fellow moon goddess Artemis wants vacation time. Numerous children by Endymion, a demigod she kept in a coma for centuries.



Adopted son of Hades and Persephone. Prince of the Underworld. Birth mother was Smyrna, Aphrodite’s mortal priestess. Birth father was one of Selene and Endymion’s many sons. Killed by Ares shortly before his first birthday. Discovered after his death to be Tisiphone, one of the three Furies created by the Titan Gaia from the life force of all the Titans. Resurrected by Aphrodite, leader of the Furies.

The Corybantes

Identical septuplet sons of Calliope and Zeus. Little is known about their nature. They refuse individual names and seem to share a collective mind. They claim Zeus created them to keep vigil at his altar. Instead they have allied themselves to their grandmother, Mnemosyne, and her Mysteries. They reject Zeus as their father and instead claim Apollo. To protect Calliope from Hera’s wrath, they claim Thalia as their mother.


Created by the Titans Cronus and Rhea. King of the Underworld, which bears his name. God of death, the dead, and metals and ores. Married to his co-ruler, Persephone. Contrary to rumors, the infamous “abduction” was her idea. Adopted father of Adonis, which was also Persephone’s idea.


Created by the Titans Uranus and Gaia. Guardian of Lake Mnemosyne and the Mysteries. Goddess of Memory. Keeper of the memories of the dead. Never married; romantic history is full of varied and unverified rumors. Contrary to the most prevalent, she was never involved with Zeus. Sole progenitor of the Nine Muses.


Daughter of Demeter. Queen of the Underworld. Goddess of spring, nature, and death. A guardian of the Mysteries. Wife of Hades and co-ruler of his realm. Contrary to rumors, she loved Hades from the beginning and faked her own abduction to marry him against her mother’s orders. Adopted mother of Adonis, which was Aphrodite’s crazy idea.



Created by the Titan Gaia from the life force of all the Titans, originally named Megaera. Goddess of the Sea. Divorced from Poseidon. Mother of Triton with Poseidon. Legal mother of Rhoda with Poseidon, who is really Aphrodite’s but everyone pretends they’ve forgotten that.


Created by the Titans Cronus and Rhea. King of the Ocean Realm. God of the sea and horses. Divorced from Amphitrite. Unsuccessfully pursued Hestia, Persephone, and Beroe. Rumored to be involved with Demeter, who denies the rumors. Children include, but are not limited to, Triton with Amphitrite and Rhoda with Aphrodite. Accidentally married to Eris.


The result of an affair between Poseidon and Aphrodite. Adopted by Amphitrite, Poseidon’s wife, and raised as her own. General aquatic goddess. Married to Helios.


Son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. Prince of the Ocean Realm. God of the sea and merpeople. A merman himself, though both of his parents are bipedal. Once romantically involved with Thalia. Now happily married to Galataeia, with whom he has several daughters.


Triplet goddesses who decide the fortunes of all, including the Olympians. Origin, parentage, and race unknown.


Spins the thread of life.


Determines the length of each thread with her measuring rod.


Cuts the threads with her shears, determining if and when each life will end.



Demigod son of Apollo and Coronis. God of healing and medicine. Married to Epione; father of her sons Machaon, Podaleirios, and Telesphoros, and daughters Panacea, Hygenia, Meditrina, Iaso, Aceso, and Aglaea.


A nymph in Artemis’ band of hunters. Placed in the constellation Ursa Major by Artemis after she became pregnant with Zeus’ child. Mother of Arcas, who inhabits the constellation Ursa Minor.


A nymph formerly in the service of one of Zeus’ paramours. As punishment for distracting Hera during her mistress’s trysts, Hera cursed Echo so that she could only repeat the words of others, never speaking her own words. Former lover, Narcissus, starved to death staring at his own reflection. Currently in a relationship with Pan.


A handsome demigod shepherd loved by the goddess Selene, who enchanted him into an eternal slumber so she could “visit” him whenever she wanted. “Visit” means what you think it means. Father of innumerable children with Selene, all of which he fathered while comatose. Son of Zeus and a mortal woman.


Goddess of soothing. Married to Asclepius; mother of his sons Machaon, Podaleirios, and Telesphoros, and daughters Panacea, Hygenia, Meditrina, Iaso, Aceso, and Aglaea.


A mortal playwright who frequently petitions Thalia for her blessings. As flies to wanton boys is he to the goddess.


A demigoddess whom Eros caused to fall in love with Zeus. Hera found out about the affair, turned her into a cow, and sent a giant gadfly to torment her. Mother of Epaphus with Zeus.


Human, King of the Lapiths. In love with Hera. Doomed by Zeus to roam the earth chained to a burning wheel.


Satyr; son of Hermes and the dryad Penelope. Pastoral god. Currently in a shockingly committed relationship with Echo.

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