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Erstwhile – Beautifully-illustrated graphic novel versions of lesser-known Grimm fairy tales.

Firebird Fiction – Home of Becka Sutton’s original fantasy stories, Dragon Wars and Haventon Chronicles. Dragon Wars is a YA fantasy in which three British teenagers are dragged into another world to be warriors in its millennia long conflict with the dragons. Haventon Chronicles is a paranormal fantasy with vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other stranger things in a town which draws them like a magnet.

Jenny’s Fairytales – Snippets of expression and creative writing from Jenny. Short stories, music, and more!

Seireina – Original writings, pop culture reviews, and other musings of a Greek blogger.

The Greek Wives Club – “A large community of women (and the odd gent!) who have links to the Hellenic world, whether that be through direct Greek heritage, marriage, business, or travel links.” Run by Ekaterina Botziou. Check out more Greek-related authors under the Homer’s Book Corner tab!

Theoi Greek Mythology – The best Greek mythology resource on the internet.

Three of Swords – An online serial novel of Victorian magic.

Tieshaunn – Home of Brennus, a web serial about Basil Blake, a young metahuman boy who, after losing his parents, develops an advanced understanding for technology of all kinds and decides to go out and change the world.

Trickster’s Own – True, reader-submitted stories of the Trickster’s intrusion into everyday life.

Your Site Here – It can happen. Email amethyst [dot] marie [dot] writes [at] gmail [dot] com for details.


Amazon – Amethyst’s author profile.

Amethyst Marie – Amethyst’s author website and blog.

Amethyst Marie on Tumblr – Random GIFs and articles Amethyst deems worthy of reblogging. And also Thalia’s Musings stuff.

deviantART – Mostly stuff related to Thalia’s Musings and Amethyst’s Skyrim addiction.

Facebook (Thalia’s Musings) – The official Thalia’s Musings fan page. Best place for updates on book sales, release dates, etc.

Facebook (Amethyst Marie) – Amethyst’s public Facebook page. Thalia’s Musings, blog updates, miscellaneous projects, and random geeky stuff totally not stolen from George Takei. Best place to network with Amethyst on Facebook.

Goodreads – Amethyst’s author profile, with listings for the ebook editions of A Snag in the Tapestry, Snarled Threads, and Unraveled. Rate and review!

Muse’s Success (A Snag in the Tapestry) – Listing for Volume One. Rate and review!

Muse’s Success (Snarled Threads) – Listing for Volume Two. Rate and review!

Muse’s Success (Unraveled) – Listing for Volume Three. Rate and review!

Pinterest – See the life Amethyst imagines she has. Thalia’s Musings has its own pinboard.

TV Tropes – The TV Tropes page for Thalia’s Musings, probably where you just came from. See a trope? Add a trope!

Twitter – Updates on Thalia’s Musings and anything else Amethyst feels like tweeting about.

Web Fiction Guide – Listing for Thalia’s Musings. Rate and review!


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