Thalia's Musings

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Thalia’s Musings is a series of original novels written by Amethyst Marie. It’s narrated by Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, as she observes the comedy, drama, and tragedy of the ancient Greek pantheon. But when Thalia becomes more than an observer, the Fates take notice. Are Thalia’s powers limited to helping mortal playwrights hack out a comedy sketch, or can she create happy endings in real life, even for the gods? The Fates want to know.

In the complete first volume, A Snag in the Tapestry, Thalia and her eight sisters have been ordered by Zeus to leave their home on Mt. Helicon and move to Mt. Parnassus under the governorship of the god Apollo. When Thalia and Apollo raise a cursed nymph from the dead, Thalia starts to wonder if the Muses have greater powers than anyone realized. The Fates, threatened by this possibility, put her to a test. But Thalia cares less about the Fates’ games than the behind-the-scenes drama of the Olympian royal court. Why did Apollo kill the Cyclops, Zeus’ minion? Why did Zeus give Apollo such a light sentence? And with the Cyclops dead, who will resupply Zeus’ lightning bolts when they run out? Will Hera then make her move for Zeus’ throne, or will she be too busy torturing his latest paramour? And what will happen to the Muses when said paramour is one of them?

Volume 1 is available for Kindle and NOOK.

In the complete second volume, Snarled Threads, Thalia is given a new test: she must use her powers to bring about a happy ending for the goddess Athena and her beloved Artemis. But the Fates have decreed that Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, will never be compromised by Love. When a huntress accuses Artemis of impregnating her, Thalia fears this turn of events is the Fates’ judgment. Meanwhile, Thalia has her own problems as the young demigod Adonis captures the affections of both Aphrodite and Apollo.

Volume 2 is available for Kindle and NOOK.

In the complete third volume, Unraveled, it’s been two years since Thalia last heard from the Fates. She has a new mission from Athena: keep Beroe, daughter of Adonis and Aphrodite, alive. Poseidon wants to make Beroe his new queen and use her as leverage to gain a seat at Zeus’ court. Dionysus wants to marry Beroe and give her a life of hedonistic bliss in his forest. Beroe wants to battle for her own hand and join Artemis’ hunters. And Zeus wants Beroe out of the way because she holds the memories of the dead and claims she’s seen him kill Hera. All the more reason for Thalia to keep a secret she’s discovered: Hera’s in love. With the mortal King Ixion. And they may have been set up by Athena. Can Thalia save the people she cares about from becoming collateral damage in Athena’s revolution? Will the revolution succeed before everything comes unraveled?

Volume 3 is available for Kindle and NOOK.

Thalia’s Musings is on hiatus while Volume 4 is being written.

This series is rated T+. If you watch prime time network TV, you’re fine.

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36 thoughts on “Introduction

    • I think there are physical descriptions of most of them throughout the series. If you want, email me at amethyst[dot]marie[dot]writes[at]gmail[dot]com for specific characters and I can copy the pertinent passages. For general “who’s who” descriptions, click the “Characters” tab in the upper right corner.

      Email fanart to me and I’ll start page for it! 😀

  1. It took me about a year, but I just realized it now. “Thalia’s Musings” as in Muse-ings!

    My, and I just got it now. I thought the title meant just her thoughts and stuff, and other than the etymological connection between Muse and Musings there was nothing more. But now I see, “musings” cause Thalia’s a Muse, and all she does are “musings”.

    Well, I find the title so extremely cool!

  2. I’m going to level with you, Amethyst. Thalia’s Musings is probably the best comic story I’ve ever read, online or off. I was giggling all the way. But I’m a little curious: will Thalia ever be available in book or ebook form? (I can speak personally that I wouldn’t be able to throw money at you fast enough.)

    Keep up the (extremely) good work!

    • I’m in the process of getting both volumes ready for Kindle and Nook. Can’t make promises at this point, but I’m hoping to have them released by the end of the year. I’ll be posting updates re: ebooks here and at my (sadly neglected) blog,

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Whoo! Just archive-binged the whole thing, looking forward to book 3. And chance that the previous books will come in dead-tree format?

  4. Congratulations on the series! In all truthfulness this has got to be one of the most imaginative take on Greek mythology that I have ever seen. It has been a blast!

    Would you have any ETA on volume 4?

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Re: Volume 4, this is the point in the writing process where ETAs just set everyone up for disappointment lol But I do have it outlined, and I’ve started drafting it.

      • Yup it was a really nice find.

        Well, take your time to make a really kick-ass final volume for the series.
        Thalia sure deserves it. 😉

  5. HI I just came across this blog when I was searching for my newly set up blog “themuseunraveled”. I couldn’t stop smiling cause here I am a girl named Thalia who racked her brain for close to a week coming up with a blog name that describes her life and also has a symbolic link to her name and only to find some other creative person out there has an entire book with the same concept. This just gave me a push to pursue my creative goals and make this part of my life into a brand that can inspire others. Wish me luck.

    • I spent last year doing a lotttttttt of outlining. I’ve been working on the actual rough draft this spring. It’s about at the 1/4 mark. I don’t want to give any release date projections yet because I usually end up making a liar out of myself that way. Wrapping up a series is crazy hard, and I want to give Volume 4 the time and effort it deserves.

  6. I want the next chapter so badly. I’ve waited a year, and I still check in regularly, hahahaha…. (T▽T )
    This story is just the most amazing, beautiful thing I’ve ever read. You make me love characters I thought I hated, and forgive those I thought unforgivable. I love how you mix comedy and tragedy, and how you adapt the myths while paying respect to them.

  7. Looove these stories and I’ve been reading for like three years and recommended to all my friends! Great stories and I can’t wait for volume four to come out.

  8. Well, damn. I know I first read some of this years ago, but I hadn’t realised just how much I’d missed. (Or how long ago I must’ve first found this wonderful story.)
    Have to say, I love this. The story’s keeping me interested even as it gets darker, and I’m really eager to find out how this ends.
    Thank you for writing this!

  9. I’m so happy that you’ve finished your draft for Thalia’s Musings IV.
    I love this book series and it really helped me grow as a person and as a writer.
    Best of luck, you’re an inspiration !

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