Amethyst’s Musings: Introducing “Greek Ninja”

Need a new webseries to check out while you wait so patiently for me to finish my alleged bonus chapter and alleged sequel? Look no further! You guys know Seireina, right? Photographer of Delphi? Blogger of modern Greece? Reviewer of Japanese pop culture? Well, Seireina has written her own webseries that draws on her knowledge of all of the above. Readers, I present to you…

Greek Ninja!

Seireina describes Greek Ninja as “An epic adventure packed with action, some mythology, heavily features the theme of friendship, occasional humor, topped up with a hint of romance.”

Sasha Hunter is a young talented ninja, however, she has no purpose to fight for. She spends her days training and attending Ariadnio, a Greek martial arts school. Her life is peaceful and uneventful, even boring, until one day, everything changes.

Her sensei is killed during the invation of Ariadnio and leaves Sasha alone and confused. His last words to her are to go to Delphi and discover her real self. She wants revenge more than anything, but how can she make things right when she doesn’t even know who’s responsible?

So, she sets out on a fateful journey, along with her team mate Dawson, a mysterious British warrior. On the way they meet Eleonora and Menelaos, two Greek wandering youths who insist on joining them. Together, they reach Delphi where Sasha can finally fulfill her teacher’s dying wish. Just when she thought everyhing was over, she soon realizes nothing has even started…

Check out the rest of the description and the first (?) volume at . I’m looking forward to reading about Sasha’s adventures!

And fear not, Thalia and her misadventures will be back by the end of the month. 🙂 Unless she decides to send me back to sheep herding for good.

– Amethyst

3 thoughts on “Amethyst’s Musings: Introducing “Greek Ninja”

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